Countdown to Give Local Bay 

SAVE THE DATE - May 1, 2018

Bay Area Community Foundation Hosts
4th Annual Give Local Bay

What is Give Local Bay?

Give Local Bay is a day to celebrate our community and support our local nonprofits! By helping them to grow their endowment funds, we help them become more sustainable for the future so that they are around for many years to come!

Donate on Tuesday, May 1st and your gift makes a larger impact! Every donation made in the 24-hour period will be increased by a share of a $25,000 incentive pool. The more each nonprofit raises, the more incentive money they receive! Prizes are also awarded to nonprofits throughout the day.

Think of the impact you can make on the entire community when you Give Local!

How can I get involved to make our community thrive?

Set yourself a reminder to donate on May 1, 2018 through this website for your favorite local nonprofits.

Share our Facebook posts about Give Local Bay to encourage others to get involved (

Share your story! Are you passionate about a specific local organization? Post a testimonial on your social media and refer your friends and family to Don't forget to share the story with that organization as well as Bay Area Community Foundation. Send testimonials to [email protected]

Tell others! May 1 is a great way to show our community that we care. Encourage others to do the same!

Which local organizations are participating?

All local nonprofit organizations and agencies that have a designated fund at Bay Area Community Foundation are eligible to participate. Organizations who would like to participate can contact Lisa Bourdon-Krause at 989-893-4438. To see a list of organizations who are already signed up for 2018, check it out in the sidebar where it says "Find a Nonprofit." Or view the leaderboard from the menu at the top.

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